Summer together 2019

Continuing on from last year’s successful Summer Together Programme, Park Lane Centre is delighted to host this years Summer Together 2019.

Our Project will be run from the cafe this year, starting on the 23rd July 2019. The scheme which will run for 2 hours per session, 3 days a week, for 6 weeks over the summer holidays. We plan to offer families the chance to get together and have fun accessing our play barn as well as to get involved with other activities and a meal.

For the first 30 attendees, each day, we offer free access to the Playbarn from 11:00am with lunch provided from 12.00pm. Registration begins at 11:00am, first come first serve.

The School holidays can be a challenge for some families. This can be due to increased costs such as providing meals, childcare and reduced incomes due to reduced working hours. Also, there is no provision for Free School Meals (FSM) during the holidays, which many families access through schools. There is growing evidence that this can impact on the health and wellbeing of some families during the holidays. Children, Young People and Families on low incomes are:

  • less likely to access organised holiday activities
  • more likely to experience “unhealthy holidays” in terms of nutrition and physical health and
  • more likely to experience social isolation.

For more information regarding the Summer Together 2019, please contact Park Lane Centre reception.