Summer Cycling 2019

Sometimes kids aren’t a fan of taking on new challenges alone, so if you’re trying to encourage your little one to get out and ride it may be a good idea to get them involved with our Summer Cycling Club 2019. Funded by “Lets Get Telford Active” we’re encouraging children between the ages 8-12 to sign up this year and GET CYCLING. The Club will be on every Tuesday between 12:00pm and 13:30pm, run by qualified cycling instructors, with bikes and helmets provided.

Building Confidence

By being surrounded by other little cyclists; confidence will grow, especially if others have been cycling for longer . With a little encouragement from instructors and children that are part of the club, kids are more likely to feel more encouraged to improve their cycling and get out a little more.

Creating Friendships

Everyone at a cycling club is there for the same reason so you’ll know that your children will be meeting like-minded children. Plus it’s a healthy activity for them to be involved with them whilst hanging out with their friends.

Challenging Themselves 

As well as building confidence, cycling will encourage your children to challenge themselves. Perhaps go an extra mile because they know that their friends can.


As much fun as it is to cycle with the family, younger riders may be more likely to be more motivated to cycle if they know all their best mates are going to be there. Cycling with friends is fun and they may have others in the group that are at a similar ability level to them.

New skills

Within the club, children will be of many different abilities. Some may be great at maintaining and cleaning their bikes, meaning they share these skills across the group. With the Summer cycling club, we will be doing just that by providing a fun way for the kids to learn more about their own bikes.

Excercise is made fun!

Overall cycling this summer is going to be great fun for kids and cycling is a great form of exercise for everyone to be involved in.

If you would like to register your child’s interest or would like to know more, please contact Park Lane Centre reception.